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Virtual Assistant Services – Packages and Rates

We work with clients in 2 ways, either on a package of hours or on an adhoc basis.

Retainer Packages

A retainer package gives you a fixed amount of hours per month and is pre-paid, so you can use them as and when you need to.  It means you can budget monthly, without any surprises and you get a discount on the standard hourly rate too.  Any additional hours are billed at the agreed hourly rate or part thereof.   A Maximum of 10% of retained hours can be carried over for one month only.

All time is tracked by Toggl to the nearest minute and a report sent weekly and at the end of each month.

Adhoc Support

For when you need support without a monthly commitment, work is charged at a rate of £37 per hour.


Project and Technical VA Support

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will quote accordingly.

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