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There are so many great reasons why you should consider working with a VA (Virtual Assistant). As anyone who works for themself will tell you, it’s impossible to do everything yourself. But it’s not just about the workload you have on your plate or whether you grow a team; it’s also about what’s best for your business. And if you want to scale up and grow your business, you need to be looking after yourself too.

Because no matter how you look at it, your mental and physical wellbeing need to take priority. Without you in that driving seat, you’ll have no business. So yes, a VA will help take tasks off your to-do list, they’ll also be able to do things you don’t know how to do yourself – but here’s what you’ll gain from working with a VA. 

You’ll gain back your time

A VA will free up time during your working day. For many business owners, this means they can focus on those revenue-generating activities that otherwise slip through the cracks. But it’s your business and your time – what do you want to do with that saved time? Self-care is often something that’s put on the back burner, so could you ramp this up more, now you have the available time? How about spending the morning having a healthy breakfast, followed by yoga and some meditation? 

Working with a VA will give you back your freedom

Imagine how it will feel, to take time away from your business. Not just for holidays or the odd lunch out with friends, but so you can also get your work-life balance sorted. Next time your child has a football game, you could be there in person, without feeling guilty. Maybe you would love to cut your work hours down, so you can spend more time with your family. Working with a VA will enable you to do that. You may even decide to split your working day, so you can work mornings and evenings, rather than the traditional 9 – 5. The point is, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to do this if you have a VA working with you.

If you’re looking to reduce overwhelm, work with a VA

Running a business does involve a lot of moving parts. Not only are there the one-off tasks that need to be done, but there’s also the ongoing back-office tasks that keep your business ticking over. Altogether, juggling those tasks can lead to overwhelm. Imagine how it will feel to drop that overwhelm, knowing that the tasks are in the safe hands of your VA. Think about how it would feel to have a clear focus on where your business is headed and how you’re going to take it there. A VA may ‘just’ take tasks off your plate, but in reducing that overwhelm they also help free up your mind. This enables you to open up to the opportunities, ideas and creativity that will help take your business to the next level.

There are so many great reasons why you should work with a VA. But ultimately, the biggest benefits you’ll gain are not task-related at all. It’s the positive impact it has on your physical and mental wellbeing that will ultimately determine how successful you feel outsourcing has been for you.

Ready to stop working around the clock and gain back your life? If you’re ready to experience the benefits of working with a VA in your business, get in touch. You’ll find our contact details here.