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Our Power Hour Plus Offering

Wouldn’t it be great to have a safe space, someone impartial to talk to, a sounding board?

Quite often I finish calls with clients and I hear the words “I am so much clearer now”, “just letting me unburden has really helped”.  As a result (and because I love helping) I have created a power hour plus offering, this is no ordinary power hour, this has the me-factor!

“The session gave me chance to ‘think out loud’ and Rachel challenged some of my assumptions and thoughts. As a result, I managed to come up with a solution to a small problem – that had been taking up far too much of my time. I also had a few clear action points that has helped me make some real progress.”

Lisa Jagger

Straight Forward Funding

Critical Friend £97

Critical – “important, essential, urgent” 

Running your own business can be lonely, working with a coach is a commitment, sometimes you just need a critical friend to bounce some ideas around with and help you come up with the answers.

Having been in business myself for over 8 years and working with a multitude of different clients from different industrustries, I have plenty of experience of bouncing ideas around with them.

This critical friend hour is ideal if you have an idea or know what you want your end result to be but just not quite sure how to get there, or you’d like a safe space or sounding board.

The process:

  • Book into to my calendar for the critical friend slot
  • Complete the short form to enable me to be as prepared as I can to ensure you get the best value
  • Attend the hour call via zoom or teams which ever you’d prefer
  • We’ll bounce some ideas around to give you some additional clarity and a plan to move forward.
  • You’ll receive a recording of the call to refer back to and a brief report with actionable points within 24 hours of our call.

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Facilitated Brain Dump £97

It’s life, there is always so much going on, that’s without all the things you have whirring around in your head about what you need to do and ideas for your business. It can leave you feeling really overwhelmed and under pressure.

It doesn’t need to be this way!  Book in for a facilitated brain dump and we will; extrapolate all of those thoughts out of your brain, we’ll categorise them and we will prioritise them. 

You’ll finish with some clarity and a plan of what things to work on and when, now doesn’t that sound good?

The process

  • Book into my calendar for a facilitated brain dump
  • Complete the short form
  • Attend the hour call via Zoom or teams
  • We’ll get all that stuff out of your head in the first 30 minutes and spend the rest of our time together categorising and prioritising them.
  • You’ll receive a recording of the call to refer back to and your organised and prioritised brain dump within 24 hours.

Why me?

During the 8 years I have been running my business I have continually assisted clients in organising their thoughts and taking them from overwhelmed to prioritised. 

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