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As a business owner, overwhelm is something you cannot afford to suffer from. It not only stops you taking action, but it can also make it difficult to see a way forward. If you’re looking to uncover the root cause and want to ease overwhelm and help find more productive ways of dealing with it, here are the 10 questions you need to ask yourself.

#1: Am I talking myself into overwhelm? 

Our mind is a powerful tool. But all too often we’re careless with the language we use. It can be all too easy to tell ourselves we’re stressed, overwhelmed, tired, and in doing so, we then make it our reality. So make sure you’re using language that is helpful to you.

#2: What is the most significant source of my overwhelm? 

Often you’ll find that there’s one particular task that’s causing 80% of your overwhelm. Find this primary source, solve it and you’ll ease overwhelm. That could mean breaking it down into more manageable tasks, finishing it if it’s nearly complete, or starting it if you haven’t!

#3: What is the highest priority right now? 

What is the most important task right now for you? Is it a task that has the shortest deadline or one that will make the biggest change or get the best result? 

#4: Ease overwhelm by asking: is this the best use of my time? 

This question serves two purposes. Firstly, it helps you see if the task you need to work on is best suited to your talents or those of someone else. Secondly, it could help you see which task will get you the quickest and best return on your time, so you’re motivated to continue.

#5: Is there a reason to spend more time on this project? 

This question is good for perfectionists. Are you spending time on a project because it needs your input in order to finish it, or are you working on it to make it perfect? Because often, it doesn’t need perfection, it just needs completing. Of course, you may also be working on it because you’re avoiding another task… 

#6: Does this task light me up? 

That brings us onto working in your zone of genius. You’re the boss of your own business, so are you doing those tasks that only you can do? Are you doing those tasks that light you up and outsourcing the rest? Or are you overwhelmed because you haven’t learnt to say no to the numerous favours and requests you’re asked to do? 

#7: What do I need to think, to get this done? 

Another good mindset hack here. What thought do you need to have, to go from overwhelmed to getting it done? Do you need to tell yourself that everything is solvable? Maybe you need to ask yourself what your future you would do. Whatever it is, if it helps you get out of overwhelm and into action, think it!

#8: Do I need to change the timescale or deadline for this project, to ease the overwhelm? 

If you’re overwhelmed because you’ve taken too much on or don’t have enough time in your day, can anything be changed? Can you extend a deadline or ask for extra time on a project?

#9: What is the first action step I need to take? 

It just takes one action to go from overwhelm to action. So what one action step do you need to take, to get started?

#10: Is it time for me to start outsourcing?

And finally, outsourcing the tasks could be the most sensible way to ease overwhelm. Hiring a Virtual Assistant can help alleviate procrastination and overwhelm. This helps you to solve the problem permanently, especially if it’s been caused by you taking on tasks that are outside your zone of genius. You can also outsource those tasks that are more administrative and repetitive – basically, anything that doesn’t need your direct input.

If you’re looking for help to ease overwhelm in your life, why not get in touch? Let’s chat and see how we can potentially help you to gain back your time and drop that overwhelm!