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Do you know how to effectively follow up with previous clients? It’s an essential part of the sales process, and there are various reasons you might need to use it. You may have had a positive sales conversation with them, but they’ve yet to decide if they want to work with you. And they may have worked with you but are now at the end of their contract. 

No matter the reasons, know that follow-up isn’t just about emailing and phoning a previous client to see if they want to work with you again! It’s about being in their world and staying in front of their mind to help build relationships. You want to be in a position where you see each other as a practical and valuable resource for your businesses. And yes, that could include working with each other further down the line.

So if you’re wondering how to use that process effectively, here are five simple ways you can use to get started with following up with your previous clients.

#1: Follow up with previous clients through your nurture emails

Nurture emails are a great way to stay in touch. You can use them to share a weekly or monthly newsletter with your contacts. This would include announcements and developments in your business, recommendations and reviews, and asking for feedback and help. Nurture emails are also a great way to ask for input on potential new solutions and elegantly ask customers for referrals.

#2: Engage with their online content

A simple way to stay at the forefront of previous clients’ minds is to engage with their online content. Never underestimate the importance of a comment on their social media or blog posts or sharing their blog and video links. It will remind them you’re still around, but it’s also a great way to boost their visibility and help the algorithms.

#3: Introduce and refer relevant people to them

Become valuable in their world by introducing them to contacts who could benefit them or their business. Referrals are so powerful in small businesses, as word of mouth is one of the top ways to share resources and show trust. So whether you’re introducing them to contacts or referring potential clients, take the time to refer relevant people as appropriate.

#4: Follow up with previous clients by sharing value

Sharing a blog you’ve written, your latest offer or an upcoming event are just some small ways to share value. But don’t limit value sharing to just your work; look to share what’s valuable to your clients. That can include sharing an article you’ve read that will appeal to them, a link to a webinar you’re attending that you know they’ll love or a free ticket to an event you’re speaking at.

[And if you need some help with blog post ideas, check out ‘How to come up with a stack of ideas for your blog content’!]

#5: Send a personalised note or two

Finally, know the power of a personalised note or message. When you take the time to leave a voice note or send something through the post, you’re ramping up the value factor and the relationship. So how about you send an email, checking if they need additional support or help? You could also send a postcard with a special offer or a personalised gift to celebrate a special occasion in their life. Or you could simply email inviting them out for coffee, so you can ask how they are and how business is going.

Follow-up doesn’t have to be difficult, and it’s a great way to build relationships with previous clients. When you step back from seeing it purely as a way to get new business and instead focus on the value and relationship building aspects, you’ll take the pressure off yourself and open up to building a relationship that could be beneficial to you both.

Getting the support you need in business is essential if you’re looking to improve your customer relationships and free up your time to follow up with previous clients. We have various ways we can help support your business, so head here to check them out. And when you’re ready to discuss your needs further, book in for an informal chat – you’ll find our contact details here.