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Working for yourself can often mean increasing demands on your time and an ever-growing to-do list. If left unchecked, it can quickly lead to overwhelm and stress. But it doesn’t have to. Here are 5 tips to help you reduce overwhelm during your working day – before it gets to that crisis stage.

Strengthen those boundaries to reduce overwhelm

Overwhelm can rear its ugly head when you’re not honouring your boundaries. Leaving work on time and having your allocated days off, isn’t just about keeping to your working hours, it’s about looking after yourself. Your mental and physical wellbeing help dictate how alert, motivated and focused you are at work. Working set hours helps you stay consistent in your working day and helps minimise any distractions from other people. 

Get comfortable with saying no

We all love to help others but always saying yes just adds to your workload. And an increased workload often leads to overwhelm. So stop saying yes to everything and start turning down those favours and tasks you don’t really want to do.

Journal to clear your head of overwhelm

Writing things down will help get it out of your head and onto paper. But it’s not just about clearing your head of tasks, think about getting a journal and writing down other things that are taking up headspace. Worries, thoughts, ideas, arguments you had with someone, things that are playing on your emotions – they all take up mental bandwidth and are better out and on paper, than bottled up inside.

Make a decision 

Another way to reduce overwhelm during your working day is not to let things drag on. Make a decision to act. Have that talk, decide when you’re going to start that new project, drop that task and create that social media post. 

Reduce overwhelm by picking one thing

And that moves us onto the final point. Do one thing that will move you forward. Overwhelm can be great at keeping you stuck. But when you complete an action, you gain momentum. So what one thing can you do, to move forward? Do you need to review your to-do list? Order that new piece of equipment, book or course? Maybe you need to look into outsourcing or book in a call with a potential freelancer? Whatever your one thing is, commit to doing it now.

Working for yourself can be overwhelming at times. But the tips above will help you to reduce overwhelm during your working day and help get you back on track.

But if you have grown your business to the point where you can no longer handle all the administrative tasks effectively, or are getting a little overwhelmed by all the things you need to get done, let us help you out! 

We undertake all agreed administrative tasks, leaving you with time to concentrate on delivering quality services and/or making time for what matters most to you. So why not get in touch and let’s chat about how we can help take some tasks off your plate and help you feel more organised and professional in the process.