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Do you have the right support network in place for your needs? It’s a question that, on the surface, seems quite straightforward; grow a team, hire a Virtual Assistant, maybe a cleaner. 

However, once you start digging down in what support is right for you, it can unearth different needs. There may even be a lot of fears and worries about yourself and your business goals. Because often, getting the right support network in place involves getting clear on your needs and being comfortable with communicating them in a way that makes it happen.

Surround yourself with the right people

Getting the right support network in place ultimately means surrounding yourself with the right team. Initially, this can mean hiring the right team members to best support your business needs, and it’s so important to get it right. It may also involve networking with other business owners and people in your industry. Because we all want to be around like-minded people on a similar journey, we can learn and take inspiration from them and get ideas on how to grow further.

But how about outside of that work environment? Are you still being surrounded by the right people there?

When it comes to your family and friends, some will support you no matter what you do. They know exactly what to say, what to do and what you need to hear to help you move forward, even when you doubt yourself. You get a positive vibe from them; they energise and encourage you.

But others aren’t so supportive. Maybe they’re completely uninterested in your business and look bored whenever you talk about it. They may be the kind of person who always tries to talk you out of your goals, put you down, or keep pointing out how busy and tired you look. They may be well-meaning, but they ultimately aren’t supporting you as you need them to be.

You need to decide how you will deal with this; otherwise, it will limit you. And that starts with establishing what it is you need.

Establish what you need at home and work

So start by establishing what is important to you. What is it you need to feel supported? Are you someone who thrives on proving someone wrong, or do you need someone to cheerlead you on? Do you prefer to plan independently but find great value in staying accountable with an accountability buddy? Or do you prefer to work through your plans, goals and priorities with a coach or mentor?

When it comes to feeling supported, are you a words or action kind of person? Are you happy when someone tells you you’ve got this – or would you rather they offer to help and take the task off your plate? 

Do you want to get a childminder, cleaner or housekeeper to help keep your home in order? How about at work? Are you looking to outsource certain technical or time-consuming tasks and hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you?

Or do you simply need to have a conversation with someone? Do you need to let someone know what kind of support you need from them and how they can help you more? Is there a person you need to chat with about their attitude and negativity, so you can turn that around? Or do you need to limit what you say or who you talk with – or limit contact and interaction with certain other people – so you’re protecting yourself, your energy and your goals?

You don’t have to always pay to get the right support network in place

Building a support network isn’t just about paying for people to join your team. There are some support options that don’t cost anything but are just as essential for your personal and professional growth.

Can you swap with another parent, so you take turns looking after each other’s children for a few hours a week? Can you get a family member involved to help you with certain aspects of your business? You may have someone who can help with filming and editing, graphics creation, editing, and photography. You could even ask if there’s a local college student to help you with some of these tasks as part of their studies.

And is there anything you can change at home to help free up your time and support you more? Maybe you could delegate out the housework or cooking and have a regular call with that friend who is a great sounding board for your ideas.

Getting the right support network in place is essential for achieving your goals. Often it’s easier to focus on growing your team and paying for solutions, but you also need to look at the support you’re getting personally. Because it’s people you surround yourself with, at home and work, that will have the biggest impact on your mindset, motivation and ultimately, the levels of success you reach.

If you’re looking to have the right support network in place to feel more professional, organised and in control of your business, why not reach out? We offer tailored administrative solutions that best take care of the needs of you and your business. So if this sounds like something you need, book in a free discovery call and let’s discuss it further!