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Small businesses are a valuable asset to the local economy. As a small business owner though, I’m sure you also want to make a positive impact on the world, but often feel that there’s no real way you can. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here’s how even the smallest of businesses can make a positive impact and find a reason to step up, show up and make a difference to the world around them.

Small businesses can still make a positive impact on the world – your world

It’s not just big businesses that hold the monopoly on making a positive impact. As a small business owner, you can make a positive impact inside and outside of your working hours. For example, outside of my business, I form part of the operation’s committee for a local charity The Ups of Downs. I’m the charity’s Training and Schools Coordinator and a volunteer mentor for new parents receiving a diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome. 

But as a business, you can also make a positive impact in the following ways.

Help your local community

You can always find a way to get involved and support your local community. You can sponsor local events, hold local events and host your business events in a way that supports your local community (using local suppliers etc.). This helps impact positively on your community health, in terms of networking with local businesses and building a sense of community.

Another way to help your local community is to volunteer your time and resources. For more information on this, check out Medium’s article entitled 10 Ways small businesses benefit their local communities.

Your business can make a positive impact on the environment

How you run your business can also create a positive impact on the environment and give you a powerful USP for your business. Buy only from sustainable suppliers, choose recyclable packaging for your products and correspondence and sourcing materials locally can cut down on your carbon footprint and help you run a low infrastructure and low maintenance business.

Make a positive impact on the lives of others

There are lots of different ways you can positively impact on others too. This can include donating a percentage of your earnings to a charity that benefits others. You can also team up with organisations that provide water, as well as those that provide educational opportunities and resources to children or build schools for those in third world countries. There are so many unique ways you can make a difference. 

You can also look to offer scholarships for your programs and courses. For every launch you run, you could set aside a set number of places for those who would benefit but cannot afford to buy. 

Support charitable causes close to your heart

Your business should be based on doing what you love, but it should also support causes close to your heart. You could directly align yourself with the charities of your choice, offer pro bono work and preferential rates for charities, or volunteer your time and resources to the charities that are close to your heart. 

They don’t have to be the more prominent more well-known charities either. There are plenty of charities out there that are underfunded and under-advertised, and they still do great work. They’d appreciate the support, funds and time you could give them.

Set a better example to your community

And let’s not forget the positive impact you can have on your immediate community – the people in your network. Friends, family, people you interact with, your customers, business owners and company reps. By taking the time to live by and talk about your values and dreams on social media etc., you’re not only leading by example, but you’re also building better, more prosperous relationships with others.

Show corporate responsibility

Finally, ensure you’re an equal opportunities employer. Pay fairly and ensure equal rights for all, regardless of race, gender or diversity. It is your duty as a responsible and authentic business owner to live, act and do business in a way that is aligned to your values and beliefs. By showing corporate responsibility, you’re becoming the change you expect to see in the world – and making a positive impact in every area you can.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you create a positive impact on the world, book a free discovery call or get in touch to discuss your needs. Whether we can help you implement any of the above, or provide you with administrative support whilst you implement it yourself, it would be our pleasure to help where we can to help you make a bigger, positive impact on the world.