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You’ve got a new offer, and you’re eager to get sign-ups. Social media may well be your first port of call, as it’s often the best way to get in front of your ideal paying customers, but how do you get started? What do you need to do in order to promote your offers on social media? 

Marketing may not be a strong area for you, so you’d be forgiven for immediately thinking you now need to investigate paid advertising. But before you do, have you ensured you’re covering the basics? There are many different ways you can promote your offers online, and many don’t need a financial investment. So here are 7 simple ideas to get you started.

#1: Update your profile bio and link

Your personal bio will enable you to place a clickable link somewhere, no matter the platform. So don’t waste that opportunity by linking to your website homepage – link it to your latest offer! 

#2: Add an offer-related banner image

Another prime piece of promotional real estate is your banner image. You can use this space to create an eye-catching graphic promoting your latest offer. This leaves you the text caption to explain your offer in more detail and add a promotional link direct to your sales page.

#3: Talk about your results

Social proof is a great way to ramp up buyer intent, and sharing results is a really effective way of adding this to your promotional activities. Whether you’re sharing your results or talking about the results of your clients, ensure you’re sharing these wins far and wide across your social media accounts.

#4: Share your story

The reason why you’re in business and why you’ve created this particular product is of value to your business. When you share the story behind these things, you’re building trust in you and helping raise empathy levels with your ideal customers. People love to get behind a cause, and they want their purchases to make a difference – to themselves and the company they’re purchasing from.

#5: Use existing features

Make sure you’re also making full use of the available features within your chosen social media platform. This includes video, stories, reels and featured media sections etc. Why does this matter? Because the social media platform often will want you to use these things – so when you do, the algorithms kick in, and they reward you with increased visibility.

#6: Promote your blog posts

Another simple way to promote your offer is to write about them. Blogs give you a prime opportunity to dive deeper into your ideal customers, the solutions your product or service can provide, and the reasons why it’s the perfect solution for them. You can then end the blog by promoting your offer and linking to the sales page.

So how does this help you promote on social media? It gives you something else of value to share with your social media audience.

#7: Get visible and start engaging with others

The final way to promote your offers on social media is to engage with others. It is a longer-term strategy, but if you get into the habit of engaging more in the online space, you’re putting your name out there and getting it associated with what you do. Go into groups and be helpful, interact with your followers and fans, and share resources and knowledge because these things all help get you visible.

It’s about being consciously productive with your time. You’ve got a new offer, and if you want sign-ups and sales, it’s down to you to promote it well. And as you can see above, there are plenty of social media promotional activities that you can do that don’t require a financial investment.

Of course, if your time is limited, you may wish to outsource these activities to a Virtual Assistant. They can often complete most of these tasks on your behalf. So why not let us provide you with the support you need, so you can focus on supporting your clients? You’ll find our contact details here: https://www.rhva.co.uk/contact-us/.