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Learning to outsource is one of the biggest lessons a small business owner can make. Far too many will struggle alone, juggling a multitude of tasks and thinking they have no other option. But once you realise being self employed doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do everything alone, you’ll soon find yourself looking for potential solutions – one of which will be hiring a Virtual Assistant. Your next question will then be what tasks can a Virtual Assistant do for me?

And the simple answer is a lot! So if you’re looking for some inspiration around the tasks you can outsource, keep reading.

Get clear on what tasks you want to outsource

As a Virtual Assistant can help you in so many ways, it’s probably easier to start by looking at the tasks you want to outsource. Make a list of all the tasks you carry out in an average week. Next, go through and highlight the tasks only you can do – such as your face-to-face client work. If you want to, you can go through your task list again and highlight the tasks you love doing. Just make sure you’re only highlighting those tasks that are in your zone of expertise and are revenue-generating tasks. Because that’s where your main focus needs to be.

What tasks can a Virtual Assistant do?

Every task on your list that isn’t highlighted is something a Virtual Assistant can do for you. But if you’re looking for a little inspiration or are worried the tasks on your list may not light up a Virtual Assistant, here’s a list of 50 typical tasks a Virtual Assistant can handle.

  1. Calendar management
  2. Appointment scheduling
  3. Filtering emails and setting up folders
  4. Data entry
  5. Creating and managing spreadsheets
  6. Converting files to PDF
  7. Archiving and sorting your files, folders and documents
  8. Setting up and organising Dropbox/Google Drive
  9. Updating CRM contacts
  10. Sending out surveys
  11. Answering customer service queries, emails and support tickets
  12. Setting up and managing chatbots
  13. Online research
  14. Preparing and creating lead magnets
  15. Report creation
  16. Project management
  17. Preparing training documents
  18. Setting up SOPs manuals
  19. Social media management
  20. Setting up social media profiles
  21. Creating and scheduling social media posts and tweets
  22. Creating pinnable images for Pinterest
  23. Uploading videos onto YouTube and your course platforms
  24. Collating and interpreting social media insights
  25. Editing videos
  26. Creating and scheduling broadcast emails
  27. Updating and maintaining your mailing list
  28. Writing nurture emails
  29. Writing blog posts
  30. Editing emails and newsletters
  31. Editing and uploading blog posts
  32. Scheduling content
  33. Keyword research for your website
  34. Competitor analysis
  35. Landing page creation
  36. Sales funnel creation
  37. Lead generation tracking
  38. Designing Canva graphics
  39. Creating sales /opt-in pages
  40. Installing and updating plugins
  41. Installing and managing better integrations
  42. Transcription
  43. Travel and flight arrangements
  44. Client follow up
  45. Team recruitment and outsourcing
  46. Slideshow preparation
  47. Minute taking 
  48. Report creation 
  49. Looking for guest podcast/blog opportunities
  50. Basic bookkeeping tasks

The hardest part is getting started

As you can see, there are a lot of different tasks a Virtual Assistant can do for you. Often though, the hardest part is getting started. It can seem a little daunting, looking for someone to outsource to. But it’s essential that you take the time to do so, as the rewards far outweigh the fears. And once you’ve found the right Virtual Assistant for you, you’ll have not only a cost-effective solution to outsourcing but also someone who’s as invested in your business growth as you are!

If you’re ready to focus on growing your business and want to find the right Virtual Assistant for your business, get in touch. We’re a small team of dedicated, dependable Virtual Assistants and are able to provide a variety of services, designed to help you free up your time and grow your business. So reach out – you’ll find our contact details here.