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First impressions count, especially as you consider that 55% of our first impressions are based on the visual appeal of what we’re seeing. If you want to increase engagement on your training programs or ramp up brand consistency, becoming more brand consistent with your documentation may be just the solution you’re after.

Business and professional documentation doesn’t have to look dull. Depending on the type of documentation we’re talking about, they really shouldn’t be! Here’s a breakdown of why brand consistency is so vital for every text-based document you create and how you can easily create consistency across them all.

The importance of being brand consistent with your documentation

Being brand consistent with your document is something that not only helps showcase your professionalism; it also helps to establish connections and build on engagement.

Your branding is made up of many different elements , and logo and colour are just a couple of those elements. However, they’re essential elements that can easily be incorporated into your written documentation, to help bring in brand consistency and establish authority within them.

When you add your branding to anything, you’re building brand recognition into that item. You’re also giving yourself an additional chance to build on the relationship and emotions you want to foster in the recipient of your documentation. If they trust your brand, they’re more predisposed to trust the document in their hand, when they see your branding on it. If you’ve worked hard to establish your brand as a mark of quality, they’re more likely to value the content within it too.

Brand consistency helps create a higher perceived value

The content within your documentation has to be valuable in terms of content, but if you want someone to invest financially and time-wise in it, you need to make it look visually appealing too. When you turn a text-based document into a visually attractive brand consistent one, you’re increasing the desirability of it and, if it looks good, there’s an excellent chance that it’s going to be perceived as something of higher monetary value too.

Visual appeal encourages engagement

Our first impressions are hugely impacted by how something looks – you only have to see the previous section to understand that!  But it isn’t just on the perceived monetary value that visual appeal comes into play – it helps encourage usage and engagement too. You only have to jump online and read a few online articles to see this in action. The images used within written documentation not only help break up large areas of text, but they also help to create an emotional response to what we’re seeing and reading. So if you’re looking to get more engagement from your training materials, for example, make them look visually appealing!

An easy way to create a consistent brand across your documentation

Brand consistency is something that is needed on all types of documentation – from templates and PowerPoint presentations, through to training materials and workbooks. This can be achieved with the creation of templates for all the commonly used documents in your business – something that will ensure a uniform image and a more efficient way of working.

However, adding branding to these documents, creating templates and generally making your documents more visually appealing is necessary, but also takes time. So if you’re looking to ensure brand consistency across your documents, look into outsourcing this task. Not only will it give you the consistency you need, but it’s also the quickest and most effective way to get the task completed, without it negatively impacting your workload and time.

If you’d like to discuss establishing brand consistency across your documentation, get in touch with us. We can help you create visually appealing brand consistent documents that both serve a need and improve engagement and improvement!