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Are you consistent in your business? It’s something that many business owners don’t ever talk about, but it’s a crucial part of successful business growth. Without the use of consistent processes and standards, your growth will at best be staggered and fragmented, and at worse, will stagnate and drop.

In Small Business Forum’s article entitled The Key to Successful Businesses is Consistency they illustrate how important consistency is in business:

“The good news is: your customers want to do business with you, if they didn’t, they’d probably go somewhere else.

The bad news is: your customers will go somewhere else if you fail to consistently deliver on your quality and service promises.”

Consistency impacts on every area of your business, from the way you relay your business message and branding, right through to your levels of customer service. Consistency allows for measurement of processes and campaigns and creates space for improvements and new avenues too. If you’re consistent in your business, you create accountability and foster a mindset for relevance and growth. As you can see, consistency is crucial in your business!

Here’s how each area of business is affected by consistency and why it’s vital to overall success.

Being consistent in your business visibility

If you want to be seen as trustworthy and reliable, you need to be consistent with your visibility. Being consistent in your business visibility means you show up – not just to sell, but to build relationships with your target audience, interact and engage, as well as sharing value with them. This level of consistency helps build trust in your business and value in what you do. It helps you to create a solid reputation with the people who matter – your target audience.

A consistent business message

When it comes to your overall business message, consistency is vital. You need to become known for that one thing that makes you different from your competitors – the thing your business is built around. Your message is what will attract your audience to you, and instil trust in your brand. When you have a clear and consistent message, it makes it easier for you to show up consistently online, ensuring you’re staying visible and on-brand.

Marketing consistency

Talking of brand, your visual brand – the colours and images you use, as well as the way you market your business – all need to be consistent. If you’re consistent in your business, your marketing will flow easier, your campaigns will be on target, and you’ll be building brand recognition and trust online. You’ll know what to post that attracts your target audience, as you’re clear on your ideal customer, your message and your branding and together, they will help give you the confidence to stay visible and on point.

Consistent levels of service

Your customers deserve the same levels of service and quality across everything you do. Building consistency in your business requires you to fulfil that expectation your customer has of you, regardless of whether they’re buying from you or having problems with your website. Inconsistent levels of customer service not only result in poor customer experience, but they also produce inefficiency in your processes. By standardising operations and creating workflows and procedures for all your business activities, you’ll ensure consistency across them all.

Consistency impacts every area of your business; unfortunately, it’s also something many business owners don’t ever talk about. By following the tips above, you’ll ensure you’re more on brand and consistent in your business, in all the areas that matter.

If you’d like help with being consistent in your business, why not get in touch? We can help you with your online management and marketing strategies, as well as your customer service levels and targets, so let’s talk and see how we can work together to help you improve your consistency in business.