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For many entrepreneurs, the reality of time off during their summer holidays is constantly checking emails, answering client calls and finding pockets of phone signal in a bid to keep up a regular stream of content on their social media accounts.

Not very relaxing.

However – whilst it’s important to keep everything going – switching off is crucial for the health of your body, your mind, and your business.

Here are just some of the responsibilities that could be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant whilst you take some time out – giving you the rest and reassurance you need.

Email management

Does the idea of leaving your inbox unattended fill you with dread? Does it become unmanageable after an hour-long meeting? What would it look like after a week?

You’re not alone – I know so many business owners who feel the same way.

Never truly able to switch off, checking their emails at regular intervals – even when on leave – just to get through the avalanche of messages and for the peace of mind that nothing has been missed.

When tasked with email management, a VA can help you to keep on top of everything whilst you’re away – filtering out spam, highlighting what’s relevant, and flagging anything urgent. You can even expect a list of prioritised emails to respond to on your return – meaning you can get straight back to business.

Customer service

No matter your industry, today’s consumers expect fast responses to any questions or problems they might need assistance with – proving problematic for any business owners in need of a break.

Virtual assistants can help to take calls, monitor emails and take care of your social media channels as well as overseeing any order processes, responding quickly and professionally to any queries which may arise in your absence.

Social media

It’s no secret that an active presence on social media can play a key role in the growth and success of a company – but consistency is key.

As well as being relevant to your target market and engaging, your posts need to be regular to ensure your voice is heard amongst your competitors.

But time out of your business needn’t mean a break in your content.

Virtual assistants can help with all aspects of your social media presence – including content creation, scheduling posts, interacting with your followers and monitoring your pages.

Working through your to-do list

Have you been meaning to prepare for your tax return? Thinking about tidying up your filing system? Maybe you need to start reviewing that pile of CVs as you look to make a new hire?

We all have them – those tasks which sit on our to-do list for days, weeks, and even months. We note them down with every intention of completing them, only to bump them down when a bigger priority lands on our desks.

Briefing a virtual assistant on these tasks during your summer holidays will get them off your list for good, as well as enabling you to make quick decisions and progress as soon as you get back.

Virtual assistants can provide crucial support throughout the holiday period, helping you to hit the pause button – guilt-free – and take the break you need to hit the ground running when you return.

How do you make sure you can switch off when you’re away?