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Using virtual assistant services may be something you have considered, but have not yet taken action in doing so. But, they can be one of the smartest moves to add value to your business.

If you are on the fence about whether virtual assistant support is a good fit for your business, here are some benefits that may help you take the next step.

Increased Productivity

Running a business often means there are many tasks to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. But when you get bogged down with time-consuming tasks, such as data entry or administration, it slows down work-flow and creativity. Hiring a VA to do some of those jobs allows you to free up time to work on other aspects of your business, thereby increasing productivity and pushing forward growth.

Efficient Processes

Do you always find one of your business processes tricky? Perhaps you can’t justify spending money on expensive software when you only need it once per month. A virtual assistant has a variety of software and tools at hand to make light work of many routine jobs. An efficient and streamlined way of dealing with the day to day tasks saves time and money.


There are often times when a business is a flurry of activity, followed by quieter periods. One example is at the end of each month where you may have to prepare reports, either for your own business or for the clients you serve. When you partner with a VA, you have the flexibility to use that extra manpower just when you need it. Being able to scale up or down on services as and when you need them not only gives you flexibility, but costs less than hiring an employee, helping to increase your overall profits.

Varied Skill Set

A VA is skilled in a multitude of business practices, and this expertise can save you money on hiring individuals to do different jobs. For example, you might need someone to write marketing materials, and another to create documentation. Instead of hiring different employees, a VA has the skills to help you with both tasks and more.


A virtual assistant is a valuable asset to any business. When you partner with a virtual assistant, they quickly become your go-to tool for many tasks, making them a part of your team that delivers incredible value.

If you work long hours and feel overwhelmed with tasks, find yourself performing repetitive jobs that take time, or are not able to respond quickly enough to clients, then your business may suffer. That is when hiring a VA can really make a difference, both to the value of your business and the quality of your work/life balance.

At RHVA, we can help you with many business tasks. See our VA services page for detailed information, and give us a call or email to see how we can work together to add value to your business.