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We all want to make a positive impact on the people we interact with. And when we start a business, it’s often one of the driving factors behind our need to work for ourselves. We want our business to matter and to make a difference to others. In a previous blog post, we looked at how your business can create a positive impact on the world. Now though, it’s time to look at how a Virtual Assistant can help you achieve that.

Research and manage the causes you care about

A Virtual Assistant can help you research charities and find local community events for you to support. They can even help you organise school cake sales etc! Having a Virtual Assistant on hand can help you create a positive impact, without it impacting on your own time or workload. 

Foster better-working relationships with businesses and clients

All businesses need a network of contacts. It’s only when you build these relationships that you can foster business connections to help you increase your impact, provide solutions for your clients and support your own business growth. A Virtual Assistant can help nurture these relationships for you, by creating nurture sequences for your email lists, finding things of value to share with your contacts and book meetings and events for you to network with your contacts.

Help build a supportive network of contacts

Because maintaining and nurturing relationships with business contacts and clients at all stages of the relationship is paramount to their success. If you’re supporting a charity, your Virtual Assistant can help raise awareness among your own networks. This can be in the form of sharing updates and news on the charitable work you may do or the positive impact you’re having on your community, as well as holding events and getting involved in raising sponsorship and awareness for the charity itself.

Work to establish collaborations and joint ventures

If you’re looking to create a positive impact, you can show firsthand, that you’re not focused on competition, just collaboration. Show you’re happy to support other business owners and provide value to your clients. Your Virtual Assistant can research suitable potential collaborations and joint venture partners, as well as setting up and running an affiliate program for your business. They can also create, write and build all the event content and funnels you need, to help the events themselves run smoothly and efficiently.

Implement better working patterns and efficiencies 

One big area a Virtual Assistant can oversee to help create a positive impact on your business is that of working patterns and efficiencies. They can help you have less of an effect on the environment, become low maintenance, low infrastructure and more sustainable, by finding more environmentally aware suppliers and negotiating better deals for you. 

And when it comes to being efficient in your business, a SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) manual is crucial for this, and your Virtual Assistant can create and set one up for you. It has every process and workflow mapped out for your business, designed to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. This can include automating more processes, utilising the tools within your business and ensuring consistency and standards across the board. 

Provide a higher level of customer service

Finally, don’t underestimate the impact your levels of customer service can have on others. At a base level, it’s providing your clients with the levels of service they expect. But at a higher level, it’s creating a positive impact on their expectations and experience. You want your customers to love you, and if they do, they will pay it forward, by becoming your biggest fans and form of advertising. 

We know that you enjoy helping and having a positive impact on other people, and we do too! We are a small team of dedicated, dependable and effective Virtual Assistants and Virtual PAs. We provide a variety of admin support services to coaches, trainers, CEOs and Company Directors of SMEs across the UK. 

If you’re looking for you to streamline your workload, so you have the time and capacity to continue making a positive impact on your clients, business and the larger economy, get in touch to find out how we can help you.